Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Fed up with making money online? Do it in real life! ANY COUNTRY AVAILABLE $$$ by SinUser of DP

This is a 2-page word document and sells for $20 in DP. Here is the thread in DP:

It promises of a unique way to earn money thru affiliate marketing promoting them offline. Here is the short sales letter extracted from the DP thread:

I bet you all are a bit tired of sitting in front of the computer, trying to find what you really need. Well, same happened to me a couple of month ago - Internet was just making me mad as I wanted to run away for a bit. So I did.

I found this great trick, which is absolutely new between you guys.
Once I started it, the first income came after a week. I received a check worth 520 dollars. I'm cutting the edge this month.

Wanna now I how I did it ? :-)

Price: 20$ // Next 3 copies - 30$
File type: msword, own written (RS link will be provided)

The summary of the method is:
1. Be an affiliate of SFI Affiliate Center
2. Once you are a member of SFI, go to Register with this company.
3. Order EyeEarn Starter Kit for $20.

The starter kit includes EyeEarn tshirt, cards, stickers, forms and more. This is how the starter kit looks like:

Unwrapped package

The T-Shirt

Advertising Tools (stickers, forms, card, etc.)

4. Go around town and promote and recruit EyeEarn affiliates.

I don't know much about SFI and its network and I just don't understand about EyeEarn. You just use the advertising tools and that's it, you earn monthly commission presumably from revenue sharing scheme from all the efforts of EyeEarn affiliates. As it looks to me, EyeEarn is the offline promotional arm of SFI. I cannot call this one a scam since I've seen affiliates in the Philippines earn from it and recover the initial costs of starting up as an affiliate.

Based on my research, most EyeEarn affiliates earn around $10-20 monthly. It is unlike what SinUser claimed in the DP thread which according to him, he earned $520 in one week. Just lower your expectations when you join this network and I guess you should be fine.