Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Fed up with making money online? Do it in real life! ANY COUNTRY AVAILABLE $$$ by SinUser of DP

This is a 2-page word document and sells for $20 in DP. Here is the thread in DP:

It promises of a unique way to earn money thru affiliate marketing promoting them offline. Here is the short sales letter extracted from the DP thread:

I bet you all are a bit tired of sitting in front of the computer, trying to find what you really need. Well, same happened to me a couple of month ago - Internet was just making me mad as I wanted to run away for a bit. So I did.

I found this great trick, which is absolutely new between you guys.
Once I started it, the first income came after a week. I received a check worth 520 dollars. I'm cutting the edge this month.

Wanna now I how I did it ? :-)

Price: 20$ // Next 3 copies - 30$
File type: msword, own written (RS link will be provided)

The summary of the method is:
1. Be an affiliate of SFI Affiliate Center
2. Once you are a member of SFI, go to Register with this company.
3. Order EyeEarn Starter Kit for $20.

The starter kit includes EyeEarn tshirt, cards, stickers, forms and more. This is how the starter kit looks like:

Unwrapped package

The T-Shirt

Advertising Tools (stickers, forms, card, etc.)

4. Go around town and promote and recruit EyeEarn affiliates.

I don't know much about SFI and its network and I just don't understand about EyeEarn. You just use the advertising tools and that's it, you earn monthly commission presumably from revenue sharing scheme from all the efforts of EyeEarn affiliates. As it looks to me, EyeEarn is the offline promotional arm of SFI. I cannot call this one a scam since I've seen affiliates in the Philippines earn from it and recover the initial costs of starting up as an affiliate.

Based on my research, most EyeEarn affiliates earn around $10-20 monthly. It is unlike what SinUser claimed in the DP thread which according to him, he earned $520 in one week. Just lower your expectations when you join this network and I guess you should be fine.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

No Sales System by Ewen Chia

"Revolutionary Breakthrough System Reveals Million Dollar Loophole That Will Make You Hundreds Up To Thousands Of Dollars A Day Quickly And Easily...Without Selling A Single Thing...100% Guaranteed!"

If you’re ready to finally achieve the kind of online success you have been searching for, allow me to let you in on a dark secret that’s been kept hidden for years now…

Come closer…

…and listen carefully:

There’s a secret loophole that allows you to make hundreds or even thousands of dollars every single day, without selling a single thing!

And it’s been hidden in plain sight all this time, right under your nose...

I thought Ewen Chia has the secret loophole or dark secret that's been kept hidden for years now? To me ZangoCash or Vombacash is not that hidden after all. These are just ordinary pay-per-install programs wherein you let other people install a spyware programs on your PC. Some of these programs may even damage your system. Will Ewen install this small program into his PC? And PPI is not revolutionary at all as Ewen wants to make it appear. It is a big no-no for affiliates of these PPI networks to install these small programs.

What is so revlutionary about youtube, revver, voxant newsroom and metacafe?

Now brace yourself as I introduce you to my revolutionary system for making easy money, faster than you ever imagined possible, ALL without selling a single thing…

Introducing: The ‘No Sales SystemTM’!

I’ve created a cash generation system that’s designed to send floods of cash straight into your bank account, quickly and easily, without selling anything.

That’s why I called it the ‘No Sales System’.

The ‘No Sales System’ works by tapping into alternative money making resources that you won’t hear about from anyone else.

The real beauty of all this is:

  • You don’t need to sell a darn thing.

  • You don’t need to answer any e-mails from annoyed customers.

  • You don’t even need to maintain the system. Seriously, once it’s set up, it’ll make you money without requiring your attention.

  • You don’t need big e-mail lists. That’s right, you don’t need to send out e-mails to make money. That would be selling stuff. This is a ‘no sales system’.

  • It’s quick and easy. In fact, it’s almost like instant cash flow.

  • All in all, if you can read and write, then you’re qualified to make money with this revolutionary system.

Ewen said to use his "revolutionary system", you only need to be able to read and write. I don't think the minimum requirement using bittorrent and limewire or producing catchy videos is for me to just be able to read and write. I don't know if people even understand what P2P or cloaking is?

I thought this is a set and forget system. Taking surveys is not set and forget. You have to actively participate in it.

Discover How To Make More Than $100,000 A Year Using The #1 Easiest Cash-Flow System Known To Mankind!

‘No Sales System’ is not about putting banners on your website.

It doesn’t have anything to do whatsoever with putting a bunch of content on your website, and then putting some banners up there, hoping people will click on those and eventually buy from the offer they’ll see so you’ll make money.

Again, that would be a form of selling. And this is a ‘non sales system’. There’s no selling involved of anything whatsoever!

Yes this is not about putting banners on your website but Ewen recommended putting in paid pop-ups for advertisers. Isn't these two the same, the only difference is the mode of delivery. And I don't think you will be approved if you don't have a bunch of content on your website. If you don't have contents, no advertiser (regardless thru banners or pop-ups) would like to do business with you. Besides, if I will just be earning $1.80 CPM (1000 visitors), I rather use Adsense.

Ewen advised to use paid for downloads programs like How the hell can I reach the goal to make it to $100,000 if the rate that I am being paid is $1 for every 1000 downloads? It will definitely require a lot of work and promotion.

  • ‘No Sales System’ is not about any other “fad” you can possibly think about…

    This system is probably unlike anything you’ve ever seen online before. I’ve never seen anyone talk or write about these resources anywhere. And I’ve been around…

    One word - this system is truly revolutionary.

Haven't I seen PPI before? I have several ebooks regarding PPI and this is not the first time I've heard about this concept. And again this is not extraordinary or revolutionary. Is taking surveys a revolutionary idea? Think again.

Download "No Sales System" Now For Just A Measly Investment Of Only $197.00, $97.00, $77.00 $47!

(Price Will Go Up To At Least $77.00 At Anytime - Without Warning)

This ebook is just a compilation of various online income opportunities but there is nothing revolutionary about it. It is a rehash of many ebooks readily available on the Net. It has to be maintained, definitely requires more than read and write skills, it is not something unique as I've seen it many times before.

Zangocash, vombacash, paid pop-ups, youtube and other video sites, taking surveys: are these al revolutionary? Ewen Chia, you are a certified copycat and scam artist.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Unique Method = Get Free MobilePhones& Earn $1000+ month by selling them

I found this ebook being sold in DigitalPoint. Here is the URL:

It sells for $25 apiece but I've seen the author gave $5 discounts for some buyers. The author, CASXLV, promises a unique method to get almost free mobile phones. It added you only have to setup your website, hosting and probably shipping costs of these mobile phones. Once you have the mobile phones delivered to you, you can sell and profit from them. The author even showed some screenshots of the mobile phones he was able to get from his sources.

As an added bonus, the author of this ebook provides free online coaching. To be honest, I was quite intrigued to have this ebook. Not that I am interested to profit from it, but curious on how is the method like.

So the $25 ebook is a text file consisting of one page. So the method is like this:
1. Setup your domain, hosting and website.
2. Register in and pose as a buyer of 300 mobile phones and require suppliers free samples to signify their interest.
3. According to the author, this will work 25% of the time.
4. Wait for the mobile phones to be delivered and once you receive the mobile phones, tell the suppliers the phones were junk.
5. Sell the mobile phones to ebay or to your friends.

According to the author, CASXLV, this method is not going to be saturated. I must admit this method may work but as more people apply this method, it will come to a point where suppliers will stop shipping free samples.

I also doubt that this can be considered a long-term business strategy as it is based upon scamming suppliers and making a profit out of it. For all we know, suppliers are already aware of this method and yet this is still currently being sold in DP.

Within the thread, a member of the forum referenced some threads by CASXLV, all of them related to scams:

Will you ever do business with this scammer? Better think twice.

Thursday, June 5, 2008 - work from home site

When I was doing my usual forum posting activities last night, I noticed several threads all pointing to So I followed the link, reviewed the site and check some info about it.

365jobs4u is a work from home site offering opportunities for home-based workers: job opportunities like data entry, typing, and surveying jobs. A quick look on the whois information revealed that the domain owner had applied for whois privacy protection. Not that I am against whois privacy protection but it gives added credence if you can see who owns the domain of a business site you are dealing with, especially if you are to be paid by them in the future. So this is red flag #1 for me.

The home page of this site reveals one glaring fact:

This site is spamming the search engine thru keyword stuffing. An old trick used by webmasters to convince the search engines to rank them well for the stuffed keywords. Look how the site repeated the words data entry, processing, conversion, all highly-searched keywords. No wonder they spammed the forum I was in last night with several threads all pointing to this site.

From the home page, I selected International Customers because I am not an Indian and I am from the Philippines.

The page that followed presented me with several menu options I clicked on Top Vacancies (actually the word "vacancies" was mispelled) and I got a blank page with keyword stuffing of the words data entry, processing, etc. at the top.

I clicked next on Content Writer. I was brought to a sales page. I saw some magic words on this page.

"A single line typed by you ... can pay you $5000. "

How can anyone beat that. There is more. Look at how they defined what is a content writer :

The last line caught my attention.

"It's a pure data entry job."

I never thought that a content writer is the same as data entry. No matter how I scratch my head, I still can't see the connection. Data entry is filling in forms, filling in blanks. Content writing may fill in forms and blanks but the similarity ends there. I don't need to define content writing as I am sure everyone knows what it is.

I also noticed that there are a lot of grammatical errors in this page. I don't claim to have perfect grammar but for a site promoting a content writing service, I will not transact with you if your sales copy cannot even come up with simple elementary English.

Now on the top of this page, there is a "Payment and Plan Options", I clicked on it and I got this screenshot.

"Just spend some time & make any-time life-time income"

This is not American English. I am not American but I haven't heard this English usage. I cannot comprehend what this paragraph is, it talks about so many things and this is a sales copy.

Btw, you need to register for $45 for the Basic Plan and $85 for the Premium Plan. I don't know what is the registration for. I guess it has something to do with the maximum number of articles you can submit per month.

I've taken another screenshot of the payment plan to show the complete information.

Take note of the last line in the above image.

"Time required to complete each article is around 5 minutes"

Are you nuts? Why give me time limit to write my article. And it was written in red and in italics so that it will be difficult to read. How can I get paid if they require me to write within 5 minutes. Let me see, for a 400-word article, I need to write 80 words per minute. But I can type only 60 words per minute and that is typing not writing.

I reviewed the other pages like the one for online typing job. Again, they have two payment plans. $55 for Beginner Typist and $95 for Professional Typist. You can get 50-100 assignments daily and you are allowed only to commit 2 mistakes per assignment. Similar to content writing, they set the bar high so that you won't get paid.

I believe I've seen much of this site and there is no need for me to go farther. I won't outsource my content writing to a site which can't even come up with grammatically-correct basic English copy. I won't also pay for membership for any work of this type.

I will not brand this site as a scam. But the way I see it from their website, even if you get some work from them, you will never get paid because it is just difficult to meet their requirements. There are a lot more opportunities out there which require no upfront payment and guarantee you receiving your payment regardless of your typing or writing speed.

I've been with oDesk for several months now and I haven't paid oDesk a single cent. If you are interested for this type of opportunities you can click on my oDesk banner link. Absolutely, no membership or registration fees will be charged to you.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I happened to view this website and it has a compelling sales copy that I never wasted any time to sign-up. Here is the home page, above the fold.

The site allows me to setup my site in 2 minutes for free. They even boasted that it would have cost me $1097 for them to build me a money-making site. Then they showed me an earnings screenshot showing earnings averaging $1500 daily.

Farther down the page, this caught my attention.Once I activate my new website, I will have millions of potential customers. That is so compelling. I am sold. Let me have my website. So I applied.

Let us see what happens next. I signed-up using one of my throw-away emails just to check what this site has to offer me.

After signed-up I got this welcome message from Costa Dedes himself.

It gets exciting at this point. Costa Dedes gives me two options: to choose between the Basic Package, which is free and the Pro Package, which will cost me $11.95 montly. I thought it was all free. OK at least there is a free option. They repeated once more that whatever option I take, I will get the $1097 website. I just don't know how they arrived at that figure.

Of course, as I don't want to spend any money, I selected the Basic Package which is free. It asks me for the website title. I put in some fictitious title and a captcha to ensure that I am a human.

Then I received an aweber autoresponder message from Michael Vincent requiring me to confirm my request. Since it is just a throwaway email, I consented.

Another autoresponder message from the same guy (I wonder where is Costa Dedes) now congratulating me on setting up a new website. Here is the email.

The email recommends a next step to start getting customers to my website. I thought I will have millions of potential customers once I activated. So they recommended me to for $49.95, an upsell.

What is worst is that my new website is nowhere to be found. They did not even mentioned in the email regarding my access account and password.

Another day, another scam.

Costa Dedes, you are in my hit list.....Michael Vincent.....another scumbag.