Thursday, August 21, 2008

US$3800 in one month

for those who are still reluctant to try odesk, here is the proof of my earnings from july to august. i achieved this level of earning after 9 months with odesk. it is far from being passive but i have now started to outsource work so i can accept more projects. the more quality hours you spend in odesk, you will soon find out that you no longer need to apply for new projects. projects will come to you and there were times the past few months, i reluctantly rejected some because i cannot accomodate them anymore.

the earning screenshot is authentic not the usual fake photoshop images by most internet marketers. i just hope to inspire people, especially filipinos, that anyone can earn a good living online. that there is an alternative in corporate life. in my case, there is life after my corporate career was shutdown unexpectedly due to the usual corporate politics.

good luck to all odeskers. with hardwork, prayers and persistence, you will be able to attain the income levels you never imagine getting online. take care of your clients once you secure a project. nurture them as if your life and your family's future depend on them and you will never go wrong.