Thursday, June 12, 2008

Unique Method = Get Free MobilePhones& Earn $1000+ month by selling them

I found this ebook being sold in DigitalPoint. Here is the URL:

It sells for $25 apiece but I've seen the author gave $5 discounts for some buyers. The author, CASXLV, promises a unique method to get almost free mobile phones. It added you only have to setup your website, hosting and probably shipping costs of these mobile phones. Once you have the mobile phones delivered to you, you can sell and profit from them. The author even showed some screenshots of the mobile phones he was able to get from his sources.

As an added bonus, the author of this ebook provides free online coaching. To be honest, I was quite intrigued to have this ebook. Not that I am interested to profit from it, but curious on how is the method like.

So the $25 ebook is a text file consisting of one page. So the method is like this:
1. Setup your domain, hosting and website.
2. Register in and pose as a buyer of 300 mobile phones and require suppliers free samples to signify their interest.
3. According to the author, this will work 25% of the time.
4. Wait for the mobile phones to be delivered and once you receive the mobile phones, tell the suppliers the phones were junk.
5. Sell the mobile phones to ebay or to your friends.

According to the author, CASXLV, this method is not going to be saturated. I must admit this method may work but as more people apply this method, it will come to a point where suppliers will stop shipping free samples.

I also doubt that this can be considered a long-term business strategy as it is based upon scamming suppliers and making a profit out of it. For all we know, suppliers are already aware of this method and yet this is still currently being sold in DP.

Within the thread, a member of the forum referenced some threads by CASXLV, all of them related to scams:

Will you ever do business with this scammer? Better think twice.