Friday, May 30, 2008

The "My Mistake System" by Jorge Arguello

Here is another of those ebooks which I term "no-fluff, no-substance" ebooks.

"BY MISTAKE, I Earned $1,580.47 In Less Than 3 Hours of My Spare-Time!"

Emotional selling here. Do you honestly believe you can just do this in your spare time. No focus. No concentration. When you are taking a break from work or business. That is my spare time.

How Much Will YOU Make Copying Me Now That I've Created An Easy-To-Use, Step-By-Step System
Which I Want To Give You Before It's Too Late...
Absolutely FREE!

Wait until you read his ebook for the step-by-step system. He said absolutely free but at the end of his ebook, he asks you to send your payment for $100 to I thought this is absolutely free. Repeated this absolutely free offer 2x. Now I know, he will give you the system absolutely free as long as you pay him $100.

His salescopy started with storytelling regarding his life as frustrated musician to open-handed philanthropist. He mentioned two websites in his book regarding his Majical band site and the philanthropy site with URL at Curiously, before Jorge acquired this domain was being used by an organization called "Utah Alliance for Mentally Ill". So this appears that the domain was only bought by Jorge in 2007 in time for the launching of his "My Mistake System".

Skeptical? That's O.K. - I understand completely. I was the guy who would buy every product from all the Internet marketing gurus. And I realize that you, like me, discovered many of those systems were nothing more than a lot of empty promises. And you, like me, understand that all the systems from those money-sucking guru leeches were a lot of bull-stuff (you know what I mean).

Maybe you've been cheated. But the worse mistake you can ever make is to cheat yourself now.

You're Cheating Yourself Out Of ALL The Profits
You Owe To Yourself and To Your Family

Again, another of those emotional selling strategy.

And then it happened! I made a mistake... a HUGE mistake.

Before I tell you about the mistake, let me share with you how life is today. I've almost magically gone from frustrated musician and marketer to an open-handed philanthropist. Well it seems like magic but because I am blessed with success including friends, time and money, I decided to "GIVE BACK" and help our world as best I can. And I want to HELP YOU TOO!

Today I'm the Director of the United Arts Movement International... a non-profit organization which enriches and empowers the lives of our youth. (Click Here to learn more about UAMI)

He decided to give back and help but he does is to scam you with your $47 for this"no-fluff, no-substance" ebook and another $100 so he give you his system absolutely free.

You'll soon discover that I've only barely scratched the surface when I reveal to you how quickly and easily you can make money copying my mistake. In fact, I've put my tested and proven system into a limited edition, easy-to-understand and duplicate guide, which you can follow step-by-step from the privacy and comfort of your own home. I named it, "My Mistake System" and the biggest mistake you could ever make is failing to grab your own personal copy... right now!

Jorge coined it "My Mistake System" so that you will have the impression that it is an easy to understand and duplicatable guide. Well, based on the ebook it is not. It is not actually step-by-step but high-level steps on how to do his Mistake System. For newbies, you will be left hanging and wanting more.

That's why I'm contributing a large part of the profits to my favorite charity, the United Arts Movement International. You have the opportunity to not only help yourself and your family, but a great bunch of kids. belongs to Jorge and he is the CEO and founder of If he scams you with this ebook, do you think he is an honest to goodness guy? What happens when the funds are diverted to Your guess is as good as mine.

That's when I realized it had nothing to do with the products... nothing to do with me. It had to do with the easy-to-follow, easy-to-understand, step-by-step system I created. A system so simple that even a child can do it; well an older child anyway.

Again, this is not a step-by-step system. For example, in Chapter 5 about JV deals, he goes on and on about how easy is it to do JVs with the gurus and he cited some case studies. But he doesn't tell you how to go about it. The only tip he mentioned is to build a relationship with the marketers. But he stopped at that point, then referring to the end of ebook in which he offers you to JV with him to use his system absolutely free if you pay $100.

You'll get the COMPLETE MY MISTAKE SYSTEM for FREE when You ORDER the same POWERFUL package of seven "hot" money making products so you can experience first-hand the same excitement, profits, and success I enjoyed when I made my HUGE mistake. Use these tested and proven wealth-building products to copycat my mistake!

The 7 powerful packages are just PLR products. He just used the main ebook which is "My Mistake System" to cover for these 7 PLR products. Actually selling PLRs and public domain materials are also covered in his mistake system.

In a nutshell, his "My Mistake System" covers the following step-by-step process:
1. Find a hungry market for a solution to a problem. Heard this advice a zillion times.
2. Find PLR and public domain materials and bundle them together in coming with the solution to the problem you found in step 1.
3. Create powerful sales copy for your website. And there is another upsell in this step for his copywriting course for $177.
4. Create JV deals with marketers in your niche. Complete newbies beware as there is no real helpful information in this ebook about getting those JV deals. Instead, he offers you to JV with him for $100 (another upsell?).
5. This is the upsell of $100 to JV deal with him.
6. Copy his "My Mistake System". I believe this is the IM cliche which only means "rinse and repeat".

Internet Marketers will really go thru any length to be able to sell you their crappy ebooks. They will reach for the gods just to make a positive impression. But I will tell you that not all those who profess to be charitable are good people. Some of them just use them as fronts. I am not telling you that Jorge is one of them. What I am only saying is that there is no direct correlation between doing a good deed and producing an outstanding product.