Thursday, May 29, 2008 - another product by Sebastian Foss

Here is the sales page:

Just by looking at the sales page, I know right away that this is a scam. Here is the sales page:

Make $500, $1000 or even $5000+ per week
with 15 minutes of your time !

If it is too good to be true, then keep away from it.

With my new & proven "CashCreation" - System!
I never released this information to the public before and it's hot!

He never released it before, only him. But others did. Many are also aware of these surveys. So by him releasing this to the public, you are not getting any value from it because this info is already there long time ago.

Im releasing my well guarded method that I use to make $800 per day with online paid survies!

Well-guarded from whom? Sebastian makes it appear that this system is not yet known to most people.

How would you like to make $75 - $250 every single day just for clicking your mouse ?

Will it only involve clicking my mouse? I thought I need to fill-up surveys. Even if I use roboform, I still have to type in some information. When an income opportunity is too easy to do, that should already raise a red flag.

All you have to do is click your mouse!

Again what is this mouse clicking all about?

Let’s do the math: Let's suggest some companies only pay $15 per survey - 15 survies for $15 each equal $225. That’s $225 for 60 minutes of work! If you do this five days a week, you can make $1,125 a week… $4,500 a month… and $58,500 a year!

The mathematics is also flawed here. How often will you get $15 per survey? Is it sustainable for a year. $225 for 60 minutes that translates to 1 $15-survey for every 4 minutes. Too good to be true.

I put in about 2 hours a week and I make between $900 - $1500 a
week! My personal best was $800 in one day and Im going to show you how you can make an incredible income with very little effort, too!

Again, Sebastian how can you do $900 a week of income for 2 hours of work. Even if your math is correct, filling a $15-survey every 4 minutes will only allow me to earn $225 per hour or $450 for 2 hours.

Make at least $500 per week by completing 5 surveys from my big database or I'll personally refund every single dime of your order!

Here is another math fallacy. 5 surveys for $500. That means $100 per survey. If you have that, I cannot find it in your database.

All you need to do is click your mouse, fill out a form and you will receive an average $75 - $250 per survey you complete!

I think Sebastian figures have many inaccuracies. Sometimes it is 2 hours per week, $15 surveys, $100 surveys, $75 surveys. Can you specifically point me to the $75 surveys? You never did show it in your report.

I only spend about 2 hours a week doing this and I make over $400 a day!
If you want to put in more time you can make more money! Its all up to you!
The only thing you have to do is click your mouse! Its that simple!

The first time you were saying you are earning $900 for 2 hours a week. Now you are working 2 hours a week and yet you earn $400 a day or $2000 a week. I am confused with your math.

Once you set up your "CashCreation" - System you will make money every single day!
I personally Guarantee it!

Where is the system? You just provided us with a listing of survey companies in your report. I probably missed that part. A listing by itself is not a system. I can easily create that list by searching Google.

My Internet Friends told me I'm crazy to share my method for such a low price!

Yes you are crazy because you are sharing something already known to most people. And you are sharing this for $49.97 and will probably increase to $99.97.

Good Question! I have been so disappointed by the lack of kept promises that all those make money programs made. For many years I have spent a fortune on MLMs, get-rich-quick, paid to read email, newspaper & stuff envelope scams that I finally want to make and end to it. I know how you feel and I want to make an end to it.

Sebastian is Mr. Good Guy? Wait until you read his ebook.

Ebook Summary:

The first few pages contain links to his other products and his other affiliate links.

He then discussed preliminaries like:
- register with the companies
- take out surveys
- payment processing
Is this your well-guarded method you claim in the sales page? And people are paying for it for $49.97?

BTW, there are 2 bonuses:
- paid to drive opportunities
- mystery shopping
These bonuses are cosmetics only to mask the real meat of this report.

Now comes the list:
The first few companies are all CJ (Commission Junction) affiliate links. And people are paying $49.97 to click on his affiliate links? I even found some CPA offers in those links. CPA is cost per action where you fill in some forms like submitting your email and/or zip code and Sebastian gets paid for it.

The first company and do not even exist.

Throughout the report, Sebastian is offering you to be join his affiliate program to sell his CashCreation product.

This guy never stops to amaze me. He goes on and on to produce trash materials and earn from people who are too naive to understand his modus operandi. "Too good to be true" promises, run away from it. Too much affiliate links, run away from it. Math fallacies, not that I expect Sebastian to be a math wizard, but if the figures are jumping from here and there, there is a big chance he pulled those figures from the air.