Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Review of "Secret Method To Making $1000+ a Day With Clickbank Easy"

This is an ebook about the potential of earning $1000 daily thru Clickbank. This was posted in DP (DigitalPoint) last May 24 by soicy88. Here is the URL of his thread:


Let us see here. The thread generated a lot of attention in DP for the past few days because of its claim of consistent earnings of $500-1300 daily from Clickbank. The selling price of this ebook is $50 for the first 10 buyers and according to the author there will only be 25 copies of this ebook to be circulated.

A curious observation by some DP members noted missing clickbank dates (May 12 and 14) in the sample screenshot and the earnings bar of $968 for May 21 appearing shorter than the earnings of $900 of May 24.

Someone even further noted that the $ is too far-out from the date in the Clickbank stats. Right there and then, I smell this as a scam. I can see them even miles away. Soicy excused lamely that there is some glitch in his Clickbank stats and desperately corrected it by putting youtube video.


Even with the youtube video and the image, a lot of DP members commented that these are fakes/doctored because of the discrepancy in the earnings bar.

soicy countered that people have nothing to do but say negative comments or misinformation about his thread which is again a lame explanation since he is not directly answering the comments but reacting to it only by telling them to leave his thread if they have nothing better to say.

This went on for 5 pages in DP and the skeptics continued to pound soicy for the fake video and screenshot. As of today, 5 units were sold and there are 20 more to go.

Here is my review of soicy's ebook:
It is a no-fluff straight to the point report consisting of 6 pages only. So for $50, it costs around $8/page. The method involves PPC but not adwords. It recommends using AdBrite PPC because of its low CPC (cost per click) as compared to adwords.

Initially, soicy outlined what will be discussed within the ebook:
- Adbrite step by step process
- how it can make you potentially hundreds to even thousands of dollars a day for as little as 5 cents a click
- how to setup up ads that get clicks and conversions
- what type of products to promote to maximize the return of every click you get
soicy further boasted of seeing ROI figures as high as 1800% on some campaigns with just $5

According to the ebook, to first step in profitable internet marketing is to find a hungry market. soicy presented questions to help you focus in finding that hungry market. No keyword research just pure common sense.

The second step in the process is to find a product in clickbank. I feel his clickbank product selection focuses only on 2 factors which I found lacking: $/sale and grav. $/sale does not include refunds. To check if there is significant refunds, you should check Total$/sale. Usually total$/sale is less than the $/sale. When the difference is more than 20% between these 2 numbers, then a lot of refunds is going on for this product. So better look for something else.

His tip on the sales page is also very basic. He recommends a sales page should be longer and professional without even mentioning if there is an opt-in page or a contact number which are meant to take away the commission from the affiliate.

3rd step is setting up your campaign. His best tip here is choosing your campaigns in English-speaking countries such as US and Canada. Other than that there is not much gem here.

4th step is the meaty portion which talks about creating your ads, tricks and strategies. It emphasizes using psychological triggers which can be found in any IM forum. soicy makes it appear so easy I almost found no substance to what he is saying in this.

In concluding the report, he asked in the report "how do you gross $1000 a day?". The simple answer is rinse and repeat.

My overall take on this report:
1. too overpriced at $50.
2. not a lot of fluff. not a lot of substance either
3. the screenshots are fake based on the submitted images in the DP forum
4. it talks of generalities and for newbies this may confuse or misled them.
5. I don't subscribe to finding hungry markets without going thru keyword research. A question checklist is good but you have to support it with stats and keyword research will do that.
6. A ctr of 2-3% is not too common in PPC. Even in adwords. Much more in adbrite. soicy does not tell you here how you will achieve 2-3% CTR.

Overall, it is a no-buy recommendation. Waste of money and better find better products out there. It is a horrible product.