Wednesday, January 24, 2007

New AA recruit

I got a text from my counselor and she referred a potential AA recruit who is still in the denial stage of his alcoholism. Fortunately, for the counselor she was able to convince him to join our group. I will see him this Friday and bring him to the fellowship. My counselor warned me not to have a drinking session after the fellowship. I answered in jest I won't do it. I've been sober for the longest time (almost three weeks) in 20 years and I won't waste that achievement just for a drink.

For recovering addicts, 3 weeks is a significant achievement. In my old life, I drink on the average 3 times a week, at times everyday. So having gone thru 3 weeks without even a single sip of alcohol is quite an achievement for me.

On your path to recovery, it is good to lend a helping hand whenever you can to another person who may need to discover also the 12-step program of Alcoholics Anonymous. I am excited to see this guy and see how it goes. Anyway, regardless of the result, it will also be a form of therapy for me on my path to recovery.

Recovery is not an easy road to take. There were nights when I crave. I told my wife to give me just 2-3 bottles of beer. She won't allow me. She threatened me that if I do that I better pack my things and leave. One time, the crave to drink was very strong. I discussed this with my wife. She came up with a brilliant solution. I got a gift from somebody last Christmas. It is an imported grape juice housed in a wine bottle. There is no alcohol content for this juice. So whenever I crave, my wife gives me one glass of grape juice from this bottle. I get a psychological high from it and the craving goes away.

It works for me. The grace of God is working wonders to me.