Thursday, January 25, 2007

Depression came my way

For the past two days, I noticed I experienced depression for no reason at all. Could be the piling unpaid bills. It could also be boredom. Or was it lack of money. I went to our 'Fellowship' last night and I discussed this with a member on our way home. He said when he was recovering during the first few months, he also experienced depression. He compared the situation to a disappointed child whose candy was taken away from him.

I missed the good laugh (or was it bad laugh). The taste and aroma of an alcoholic drink. The romantic ambiance in a bar. Beautiful ladies. I observe that I am easily upset and irritated. I get bored. I am uneasy. Is this withdrawal syndrome?

In the first six months, it will be like this. If we compare it to the baby, the most difficult is the first few steps. After that, the baby can walk easily and with less effort. I am excited to fast track my recovery. I should remain focused in my objective. I live one day at a time. No alcohol for 2007.