Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I am addict for life

Yohoo!!!! Don't be confused with the title of this blog. I am not proclaiming and rejoicing in remaining an addict all my life. The fact is I abhor my addiction(s). I hate myself when I subject myself to do things not according to the will of God. The blog title is just my way of telling you, my readers, that I am powerless over my addiction. That my life has become unmanageable as a result. And I am now acknowledging God that He alone can manage me. Not others, not even myself. Early on in my addiction, I tried many times to control my addiction thru my own willpower. The same number of times I failed. If I don't let God do His thing, I will never ever be able to control this addiction. Take note, the keyword is control, not totally eliminate the addiction. Why? Because even with God, we, as humans, are still given the choice, to make decisions ourselves. So addiction is a continuing struggle from now on. I and God have to guard against all temptations to relapse. If not, addiction will again consume me.