Friday, August 22, 2008

Certified oDesk Provider

Got the oDesk t-shirt today from the local post office. Wow! It feels good that it finally arrived. I am now a proud owner of a t-shirt which symbolizes my being a Certified oDesk Provider.

Earning online is no joke. You've got to discipline yourself to avoid procrastination or else you won't meet your deadlines. Working beside the bed is no easy task. The temptation to take a short sleep is just great and if you don't put some structure in your daily life, you will be hard pressed to honor your commitments.

I usually sleep around 10pm at night and wake up early in the morning around 2-3am to start working. I find that I am more productive working in the early hours of the morning. I then take a nap around 8am when my kids leave for school and my wife goes to work. At 10am I then start working again until 12noon when I take my lunch. I rest until 2pm while watching noontime shows. Yes that is one of the perks of working from home. I get to watch eb babes or sexbomb or the wowowee girls daily. It never fails to amaze me how can these girls gyrate and pump with their supple bodies.

From 2pm to 6pm, I work again and watch the news at 6:30pm while having dinner with my family. When I need to do some catching up, I work after dinner until 10pm or if I have spare time, I make it a point to watch a pirated DVD of the latest movies.

If you add it all up, I only sleep 6 hours a day at most and I work around 12 hours daily, sometimes even longer. But I enjoy my life and I earn tax-free income safe from the government leeches. I am so happy to have discovered oDesk 9 months ago. I will never go back to working offline for some corporations again.

Here is the oDesk t-shirt that came with USPS packaging. I was filled with excitement by just looking at it.

Folded oDesk t-shirt. It really looks good.

oDesk t-shirt in its full glory. It is all worth it guys. I am now a full-blooded oDesk Provider.