Saturday, May 12, 2007

Welcome back, myself

It has been a while since I updated this site. More than 2 months. I relapsed in April. I have taken alcohol again. The first time when my brother-in-law visited our home first week of April. Didn't have the guts to say no to him. After 7 rounds of San Mig Light, I experienced a hang-over the next day. It was a horrible experience.

I relapsed in April again two more times. The last time was 1st week of May. I had a drink with my brother in my parents' home in Lagro. I limited myself to 2 bottles. But again the rules are rules. Never take any alcohol again. No matter what. Whether small or large quantities. Once an addict, always an addict.

After reflecting all of these events and relapses, I said to myself, never to touch a bottle again. I am on my way back to my addiction again. After being sober for some months, it is easy to relapse. Proof of that is what happened to me in April and May.

I just let it pass and I don't dwell on it. I don't want to get depressed again because of these relapses. I have to focus myself again. I promised not to take it again.

God help me...

Financial health is still not good. In a month's time, my 3 kids are set to enrol in school. Don't have money yet allocated for that. So difficult to be unemployed. My business is not doing well either.

I have to guard myself against depression or I may relapse again.